The story behind the designs, as told by Karen.

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I designed this pattern for an Arts and Crafts Design Class I took. The Honeysuckle is a common flower found in Arts and Crafts design patterns. This is a half drop pattern. I loved the process of this design.


This design was flying around in my head for months. I completed it for a design challenge. Light brown background, the body of the dragonfly is intricately designed the wings are a very light pink. I recently recolored this design in blues.

Star Magnolias

I could not get enough of the Star Magnolia Bush this spring. It is such an unruly flower. Each flower so interesting and unique with the petals going in so many different directions I was compelled to design a pattern.
  • This pattern lends itself to home décor and apparel.
  • I have capri leggings in the black and white design which I love. You can find them on my Etsy Shop!
  • I have a swimming suit using in the blue and white design which I have received a lot of compliments on. The Blue in this design reminds me of the water. Find it on my Etsy Shop!

Sweet Bush

This is a free hand design I did on my iPad. I thought it was a sweet pattern. The bush is a raspberry color and the background is a very light pink.
  • This would make a pretty accessory in a girl’s bedroom; sheets would be cute.
  • This pattern is currently my phone case.

Pine Needles

This design was done from a sketch I did of a pine needle. This is one of my first designs. I love its simplicity. I have received a lot of compliments on this design.
  • A good friend of mine ordered this design as a comforter for her guest bedroom.
  • I've used the red and green designs as Christmas wrapping paper.
  • This design is perfect for home décor for a lake home up north (Wisconsin) or any home with a rustic interior.


I have a lot of hydrangeas in my yard, they are all-white Annabells. I love the blue hydrangeas and used them as the main flower for my niece's shower this spring. That inspired me to do this design.
  • I see this design being used as pillows on a sun porch.
  • I think it would make a great valance or drapes.
  • I think it would also make a pretty sundress.

Bridge, Anyone?!

I designed this for a design challenge. The challenge was to design something inspired by someone in your life. My mom taught me how to play bridge at a young age and I still play bridge today.
  • I have made napkins with this design from the fabric I ordered through Spoonflower.
  • I am planning on ordering placements for our next bridge event.
  • If you are a bridge player I am sure you have your own ideas on how you would like to use this design.

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