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Karen M. Wertz, from a young age, has been guided by the bold and brilliant statements of custom surface pattern and textile designs. Only now, she has taken her passion of textile design to its fullest potential. In an industry filled with young design professionals, Karen uses her life experiences to help understand client needs.

Her extensive career working with clients in real estate and banking gives her an edge with business acumen in textile design. As an independent Milwaukee textile designer, Karen is thrilled to now explore licensing, collaborations, and commissions. Inspired by experience, her self-initiated work has intertwined with commercial projects, bringing a balance of creativity for seasonal and close-to-season trends.

Grasping a creative mind for your exclusive designs, Karen will work to capture the attention of your original collection through unique patterns. Since beginning her career as a self-taught textile designer just a few years ago, she has grown to adore modern design techniques and technologies. She celebrates new patterns and always admires the endured experiences.

Karen M. Wertz is a truly unique and talented Milwaukee textile designer, self-taught through the inspirations of the finest brocades, satins, silks, chiffons, taffetas, and display of colors.

A relatively new designer in the industry, who has long desired the aspirations of textile design,
she is ready to step into your world and create the finest pieces.

Whether you are searching for custom or line projects,
you've come to the right place.

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